This is New Work in Philosophy (NWP), a multimedia newsletter disseminating and discussing new work in philosophy.

NWP will feature short, accessible blog posts, videos, and other multimedia (such as pictures, audio recordings, elaborate argument maps, etc.) in which philosophers promote, discuss, and disseminate their new(ish) work (published articles and books), or the work of others (including article and book reviews, etc.).

We welcome unsolicited submissions from any professional philosopher (PhD students or beyond) or anyone who has published philosophy in legitimate peer-reviewed venues.

We particularly encourage submissions from junior philosophers and underrepresented groups in the profession, as well as postdocs, VAPs, and full or part-time faculty from a diverse variety of institutions.

Also, in addition to posting contributions by authors on their own work and the work of others (e.g. book/article reviews), we would like to encourage:

  1. Submissions by established (or somewhat established) philosophers that discuss/recommend new work by less/un-established philosophers who aren’t their colleagues or students.

  2. That readers draw our attention to other Substack pages with professional philosophical content, including their own. Substack has a nifty “recommend” feature, and we hope to draw amplify the work of other professional philosophers on Substack, as well.

Please email any of NWP’s Co-Organizers—Marcus Arvan (, Barry Maguire (, or Willa Saadat (—to pitch a post or draw our attention to another Substack in professional philosophy that you would like to recommend.

Depending on the number and types of pitches that we receive, we reserve the right to curate which pitches to accept (at any stage of the pitching/submission process), so as to best advance the mission outlined above.

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Disseminating and discussing new work in philosophy


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