Very enjoyable read! Agree at many points. Classical search for agency. But any agentless state of affairs could have the same fundamental properties. Lewis and many worlds...some with causal bedrocks, some without. Any possible state of affairs that harbored analytic beings would, as a block, be intelligible..even a world composed of nothing but red balloons and flying pigs. That property of inertia is VERY interesting. Will get your book!

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Firstly you conflate existence with an assemblage.

Then you conflate intermolecular forces with environmental factors.

The environment does not hold things together, say, for example, a rock. A rock will continue to be a rock even if it is in space with virtually no environmental factors acting upon it.

The rock has its own independent assemblage and its own independent existence., which is why rocks move through space for very long periods of time.

Sorry Joe, I don't find your existential arguments to be well formed.

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